Built to Order™ Cabinets

Coming to Abodian is the first and most important choice you’ll make, but with all of our solutions, you’ll have an array of options to move forward with.  Right off the bat, you’ll be making some decisions about construction methods and the materials that will be used in your project.  Work through the following categories to arrive at how your needs will best be met.  Within the Cabinets Line, there are five categories of exposed materials that define our cabinet offering: Wood, Laminates, ThermofoilsBamboo and Happy Forest™

Specifications for Abodian Built to Order™

DC-hybrid Cabinets

Darwin developed the theory of evolution and at Abodian, we’re not immune to
application of the theory.  As our clients approach us with varying and unique needs, and as we marched down the path of continuous improvement, we’ve arrived at a construction method that is time honored, structurally sound, reliable, accurate and practical.  Welcome to the Abodian
DC-hybrid construction method: All Abodian cabinets are made using the time tested construction method incorporating wood and steel dowels in conjunction with mortise and tenon joinery.

Abodian DC-hybrid – We use (the best) ¾” thick materials (that’s higher than the industry standard) on sides, bottoms and tops. These pieces are joined using a combination of wood and steel dowels (steel dowels are referred to in cabinet jargon as confirmat screws). Cabinet backs are 5/8” thick material fully captured by the other components with a mortise and tenon.  This feature is particularly important for extra-large or floating cabinets that call for a little extra structural integrity. With the Abodian DC-hybrid Line, cabinets can either be delivered pre-assembled (meaning we do the heavy lifting), or ready to be assembled (RTA) by you. This second option means cost savings, or might make more sense if a fully assembled cabinet just won’t make it up your stairway, through the doorway or in that window.  The details follow…

Case Construction

All cabinet case sides, bottoms, tops and stretchers are manufactured out of ¾” material.  Parts are connected with Dowel and Confirmat methodology.  Standard cabinet backs are manufactured out of 5/8″ material and fully captured in the adjacent sides, top and bottom. Cabinets with open, exposed material will be manufactured entirely out of 3/4″ material, including back panel.


Drawer guides are dependent upon the line:  Guides for the DC-hybrid line are Blum Tandem full extension with soft close unless otherwise stated or specified on the shop drawings.  Some applications preclude the use of this guide. Guides for the Garage Line and Wall System Line (closet organizer system) are full extension, side mounted ball bearing guides.    Abodian may choose at its sole discretion to incorporate an alternative product if deemed necessary.

Hinges are 110 degree opening Blum hinges with integrated soft-close.  Some applications require the use of alternative hardware.  Abodian may, at its sole discretion, substitute with an alternative product if deemed necessary.

Hardware Pulls:  Abodian is not responsible for supplying, installing or drilling for knobs or pulls.

Drawer Construction

Standard:   Drawer boxes are manufactured using dowel construction. Drawer boxes are constructed from 5/8” material, including a 5/8″ fully captured bottom panel. Plywood and Melamine options are edgebanded on all visible sides using a matching material.

Options include but are not limited to: thermally fused melamine, prefinished maple plywood, solid maple dovetail, Blum Tandem Box with metal and glass sides, wood bottoms.

Toe Kicks – You get the choice of three iterations of toe kicks:

  • Platform toes: Available in standard height of  4″ (you can specify your preferred height). This is the classic “ladder” system made up of plywood strips. A matching finished skin is provided.
  • Adjustable Leg: This is a classic European mechanical leg that has 1 1/2″ of adjustability. This method is helpful in uneven or rough floor environments. Matching skin clips on.
  • Floating: for that cabinet that never touches the floor.  Specify your height.

Standard:  4” tall leg levelers with 3/4” x 5 ½” skins (for scribing to floor). Platform toes available at any height, or floating cabinets (no toes, platforms or skins) can also be specified.

Edge Banding

Standard:  Edge banding is .5mm thick color matched to Abodian finish schedule, 1mm for Thermo Structured surface (3D melamine) door styles, & 3mm for garage cabinets.

Option:  Aluminum, “Glass-Optic/Two-Tone” self-edge is available at additional expense.


Reveals vary between lower or upper applications.  All reveals between doors, drawer faces, panels and moldings are 1/8”.  Reveals at top of drawers and doors in base units is ¼”.  Reveals atop of tall or wall unit are 1/8”.  Flush & finished ends are zero reveal.

VALANCES if optioned:  are 1-1/2”, set flush with the cabinet carcass.  All doors extend flush to the bottom of the valance.  Most metal doors may require special consideration.

UPPER CABINET BOTTOMS: all exposed cabinet bottoms match the specified interior color unless specifically called out otherwise.  Optional finished bottoms are finished to match other exposed surfaces and require additional expense.

End Panels

Standard:  APPLIED FINISHED END PANELS -Applied end panels match exposed cabinet finish. A scribe value of 3/4″ is automatically applied to the wall on both upper and base cabinets. A 1 ½ ” scribe value is automatically applied to the floor on all base cabinets. Scribe value will be added unless noted on drawings and/or order documents. Top reveal on all applied finish panels is 0”.  All applied end panels stop at the top of the toe.  Optional  end panels extend to the floor, notches are also optional.

Option:  INTEGRAL FINISHED ENDS – exposed ends of cabinet box are finished to match other exposed surfaces and require additional expense. A 3/4″ scribe value is applied to the wall on both upper and base cabinets unless otherwise specified.


All stile and rail doors, panels and drawer faces will have a min. 2.5” stick width.

Paint Grade Specification:  Preferred materials for any project specifying “paint grade” will typically consist of raw MDF and poplar, however other materials may be used.  Choice of raw material for “paint grade” product will be at the sole and exclusive discretion of Abodian.  All paint grade materials will be sanded to 150 grit.  No other treatments such as filling, primer or additional sanding are provided.

Bamboo Solid 3 Ply panels

No edge banding is applied to all solid bamboo 3 ply doors, drawer faces, applied panels and other surfaces on exposed cabinet interiors such as shelves or case ends.  Bamboo veneered material will have .5mm bamboo edge banding revealing long grain pattern.

Counter Top Substrate &/or additional support

All counter top fitment details are the responsibility of the owner.  Abodian does not provide counter tops.

Grain Matching

Grain matching is offered within the limits of the specified material;  recognizing raw materials are available at various overall dimensions. Abodian reserves its discretion in maximizing yield and grain matching in accordance with the limitations naturally inherent in the raw materials specified. If special grain matching is required then additional fees apply and must be specifically called out in the work order and shop drawings.




After choosing the appropriate construction method, the materials used in your project represent the second level of decision-making. We offer a range of materials, and what we use is up to you, based on the style, performance, and price point you’re seeking. Materials are categorized by what we use to build the individual case and what we use for exposed surfaces such as doors and drawer faces. For some folks choosing case materials is more functional and less exciting. Nevertheless, there are some important decisions to be made. The other choice, exposed materials, is the more exciting part because this is the aesthetic element of your solution. Whether your exposed material choice is wood, laminate, acrylic, bamboo, thermofoil or Happy Forest ™. The opportunity to create a solution that is uniquely yours only exists at Abodian.

Case materials

Option 1- Engineered wood CARB II compliant

No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF)

100%  recycled material

This material is specifically engineered for cabinet manufacturing.  Most other cabinet manufacturers use this material in 1/2″ or 5/8″.  For added durability, we use 3/4″ exclusively.  Our industrial grade particle board with melamine faces is available in six colors:

white, black, almond, cherry, maple and walnut

Option 2-  Prefinished Maple Plywood:  CARB II compliant

Plywood was originally engineered for much more demanding applications and although it costs somewhat more than engineered wood, it still holds a soft spot in some folks’ hearts.  Our plywood is C2 grade with a whole piece face, 3/4″ thick and prefinished with UV cured acrylic.

Wet environments – If you are concerned about heavy moisture or seeking a solution for outdoor applications you may want to explore our Outdoor Line.

 01 Exposed Materials – Wood

In the  wood cabinet grouping , all the doors, drawer faces, and other exposed components of your cabinetry are made from the wood species of your choice. Take a look at available wood species here. Take a look at available wood door styles here.  Review our available wood door finishes for here.

02 Exposed Materials – Laminate

03 Exposed Materials -Thermofoil

04  Exposed Materials -Bamboo

05 Exposed Materials – Happy Forest™