Innovation in Design

What happens when you put a computer engineer in the same room as an architect? A mechanic at the same desk as an artist? The word might feel played out, but we still think it’s right on: innovation. Totally original made-to-fit designs, cutting-edge technologies, a little art and a little flair for the unexpected ensure that you end up with an impeccably constructed, expertly engineered, tastefully designed final product. Now isn’t that a beautiful thing?



Shaped Cabinets

A box may be a cabinet, but a cabinet is not just a box. Is that right? In any case, we know that you use cabinets in places that aren’t just square and you put things inside of them that aren’t perfect cubes. Shape your cabinets to your application, not the other way around. Have a cherished instrument you want to display in a snazzy glass cabinet with a radiused front? Want your drawer fronts to slope so you’re not rapping your knees on handles while you put on your mascara in the morning? Our shaped cabinets  can be simultaneously intriguing and functional. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before.


Floating Cabinets

Oh, you wish your bathroom didn’t feel so cramped? Welcome to the club. In our previous lives as design and build remodelers, our clients constantly wanted one thing: give us more room, but leave the walls alone. Enter Abodian cabinet magic, the trompe l’oeil of the 21st century: floating cabinets! One of our favorite tricks for using less space and creating the illusion of more at the same time, our floating cabinets are structurally capable of taking on the task.


Fresh use of finishes and materials

Carpentry is as old as time, and while our approach is modern, our craftsmanship is grounded in a truly artisan tradition. Like the best recipes, a quality final product starts with quality materials, and at Abodian, we’re picky about ingredients. We only use the best, but unlike others, we  put few limits on your  available palette of materials and how you incorporate them.

Whether wood, laminate, acrylic, bamboo, thermofoil or Happy Forest ™,  The opportunity to create a solution that is uniquely yours only exists at Abodian.


Don’t see what you want? Then let’s talk. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.