Built to Order – Built to Last

  A vast offering of styles, materials and finishes

At Abodian, we know good taste spans a whole range of sizes, shapes and colors and that the perfect shade of gray is different for every space. So we give you choices. Lots of them. In fact, the sky is more or less the limit. But don’t get overwhelmed; our expert Solutioneers are always on hand to help you narrow things down and make the best choices for your home, your project and your budget.

Abodian DC-hybrid construction method

steel dowel detailWhy do we get away with saying our products are more durable, sturdy, and reliable than others? Well, the proof of the pudding is in the… well, in the way things go together. Anyone who has ever put together flat-pack furniture from a big box retailer can attest to the frustration that arises from poorly written directions and pieces that just don’t quite fit together; the beauty of those cabinets is only skin deep. Our cabinets, on the other hand, are made using a combination omfirmat screw pikof the time honored technique of mortise and tenon (tongue and groove in simpler language) and a method invented by European hardware manufacturer Hafele in the 70’s.  It incorporates wood and steel dowels with screw threads, known as confirmat screws, to connect the pieces.  These confirmat screws are strong and exact, when incorporated with mortised-in cabinet backs, the result is higher precision, smarter, easier assembly and superior stability.  These combined methods ensure that our cabinets only go togetherdrawer detail one way and they go together to stay that way—good news all around, especially if you’re assembling them yourself. The quality of materials plus the sturdy and precise hybrid joinery of mortise and tenon in conjunction with dowel and confirmat mean your cabinets will enjoy a lengthy lifespan.

back mortise _ tenon detail

Built to order

No modules (and this is key!)
Every home and every project has its own spatial and stylistic needs and nine times out of ten, a modular solution just doesn’t cut it. At Abodian, if you have a challenging requirement,  we can solve it, creating completely unique, totally custom, highly functional cabinetry anywhere you need a storage solution. How custom is custom you ask? We design in one millimeter increments, so unless you’re building a school for ants, that ought to be adequate.

Built to Last

What do you get when you combine high-quality materials plus high-quality construction? The math’s not hard; you get a durable product that’s made to last, that will withstand the wear and tear of daily use, that will make your home more beautiful and livable for years to come and won’t end up in the landfill in a few short years.

Tidier designs

We gain our efficiency through the use of modern technology and by getting the most out of our material. In the old school, modules were the best way.  However, modules are very limiting since they don’t necessarily offer the most efficient or most attractive solutions. In short, they’re not a great bang for your buck. Achieving simpler facades, better alignments and cleaner lines is now a function of smart design and good taste, not a challenge arbitrarily imposed by the constraints of predefined sizes.

Fits specific site needs

Want to add apothecary drawers under your stairs? Have an old brick chimney in your kitchen you need to work cabinets around? Do you love your bungalow or mid-century ranch house but loathe its lack of functional storage? Every space has a specific function and a specific shape. With Abodian, finding solutions that maximize and enhance and that fit just right is simplified, for you, for your designer, for everyone involved.

How much, how long?

Your solution will be made to your exacting specifications, so pricing can range, but you’ll only pay for what you use and our quoting mechanism can give you a good idea of budget in very little time.  Timing for delivery is related to materials and finishes as well.  We typically deliver a project within 5 weeks of approved shop drawings, however, some finishes (painted) and materials require additional lead time.