Loft Line

Meet the Loft Lines: SODO, BELLTOWN, ALKI, CASCADE, MADISON, MERCER and LESCHI. The Abodian Loft Line is a pre-designed option for the homeowner that’s fine with the flat-pack ethos but wants Abodian’s quality and high-design. The full iterations of the Loft Line products are still in development, but scroll through our gallery to see some prototypes. Have an idea for something you’d really like to see here? We’re open to suggestions. While the catalog is pending, read on to introduce yourself to the lines to come:


Striking modern design meets superior functionality in the SODO line, with an emphasis on linear architectural detailing and the maximization of usable space.


Meet BELLTOWN, the downtown dweller’s dream. Compact and streamlined, it showcases an attention to style and detail befitting of the urban aesthete.


Striking and unique, ALKI’s elegance is in its understated modernity, clean lines, and fully optimized use of space.


MADISON’s aesthetic is classic and elegant, the just-right hybrid of traditional good looks and modern lifestyle sensibilities.


MERCER has an industrial complex. Contemporary and totally unique in design and materials, it is the ultimate in bold design.


Striking in its apparent simplicity, CASCADE contrasts and utilizes materials in a way that is never overdone but always unusual.


LESCHI is true to its roots, celebrating where it comes from by highlighting the unique features inherent in its materials.

Photo Gallery

Scroll through our portfolio to see Abodian storage solutions at work, and garner some inspiration for your own project.