In the  wood cabinet grouping , all the doors, drawer faces, and other exposed components of your cabinetry are made from the wood species of your choice. The panels on exposed surfaces are plywood with real wood veneers.  An important distinction for Abodian cabinets is we use real matching wood veneer for case edge banding on all our cabinets with wood exposed materials (not PVC like some other places). On five piece doors, the stile and rail are lumber.  If the door has a flat panel, it will be plywood.  If it is raised panel or reverse raised panel, the material is lumber.  Take a look at available wood species here. Check out available wood door styles here.  Review our available wood door finishes here.

Abodian Lines

The Abodian StandardLine is constructed utilizing the latest in materials and manufacturing methods incorporating a full access box methodology commonly referred to as European or frameless method. We developed a vast catalog of base, upper and tall cabinets, each of which is “stretchable”. This construction method lends itself readily to size constrained conditions (think tall cabinet going up a narrow stairway) where the cabinet cannot be prebuilt or for folks with something more of a frugal and handy sensibility that prefer to acquire the product Ready To Assemble (RTA). Also perfect for floating cabinets or applications requiring significant stand-alone structural characteristics. (read: heavy stone slab)
Most materials are sourced domestically. We go to great lengths to optimize the use of materials to minimize waste. All our stains and finishes are water based, releasing no Hazardous Air pollutants (HAPS) and vastly reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The following represent standard methods and materials to be incorporated when constructing a typical Abodian StandardLine.

Same mortise and tenon joinery as the AbodianLine, however, with a 1/4″ back and 3/4″ nailers for attachement to the wall. Next, the individual components are then glued and stapled together. Integrated finished End panels are not available on the StreamLine, however, all other characteristics remain the same as the StandardLine. This line does have some design restrictions so be sure to discuss your needs with our specialist.

Materials and Construction Standards

All cabinet case sides, bottoms, tops, stretchers and backs are manufactured out of ¾” material.  Parts are machined with mortise and tenon (tongue and groove) methodology and fastened together with screws.  Backs are fully captured and integrated into the adjacent sides, top and bottom with mortise and tenon construction.  Because of the full size ¾” backs, nailers are not necessary.  For added durability, both sides of all panels are finished with a thermally fused decorative overlay on engineered particle board.
Material choices for case construction include:
–          Standard:  White thermally fused decorative overlay on engineered particle board
–          Optional:     Colors:  Black, Almond, Maple, Cherry or Walnut
–          Optional:  “green core”  thermally fused decorative overlay  using 100% recycled  core material with No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF)
–          Optional:  Prefinished Maple Plywood
All these materials are CARB1 compliant, most are Carb 2 compliant.  Certain NAUF or CARB 2 materials incorporate optional pricing.  FSC certified materials involve additional processes and custom pricing.

All hardware in the StandardLine is manfactured by Blum, a world leader in quality hardware with lifetime warranty against failure.
–          Drawer guides:  Guides are full extension with soft close unless otherwise stated or specified on the shop drawings.  Some applications preclude the use of this guide.  Abodian may choose at its sole discretion to incorporate an alternative product if deemed necessary.
–          Hinges are fully concealed  clip top with Blumotion (soft close) 120°.  Some applications require the use of alternative hardware.  In special conditions such as corner cabinets, diagonals or radiused environments Abodian may, at its sole discretion, substitute with an alternative product if deemed necessary.

Drawer Materials and Construction
Abodian is all about choices and with drwers you get to choose from four different materials and three constrction methods.
–          Standard:   Drawer boxes are manufactured incorporating  mortise and tenon joinery utilizing 5/8” thermally fused decorative overlay on engineered particle board for all components including the bottom. Top edges and sides are edge banded with .5mm white PVC.  All parts are glued and screwed during assembly.  The bottoms are hot glued once again to ensure rigidity.
–          Optional:  “green core”  thermally fused decorative overlay  using 100% recycled  core material with No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF)
–         Optional:  5/8” prefinished maple plywood  incorporating  mortise and tenon joinery as in the standard drawer
–         Optional:  5/8” solid maple with dovetail joinery
–         Optional:  Abodian Intivo  –  metal drawer sides with integrated full extension soft close glides and melamine or plywood bottoms.

Intivo metal drawers illustrated in two depths

Intivo metal pantry rollouts

–         Optional:  Alternative woods including aromatic cedar, refer to your Solutioneer

All shelves are adjustable unless noted in shop drawings.  Made of ¾” thermally fused decorative overlay on engineered particle board with .5mm wood edge banding on leading edge.

Toes and Skins
-          Standard:  Toe space is comprised of 4” tall adjustable feet set 3” back from cabinet face (after application of ¾” toe-board; toe material is 5 ½” tall to allow scribe to floor.  Toe material comes in 96” lengths to match the finish of primary exposed materials.
–          Option:  other heights, alternative materials

Edge Banding on Case
-          Standard:  all edge banding is .5mm wood edge banding color/species matched to Abodian finish schedule

-          Standard:  Reveals vary between lower or upper applications.  All reveals between doors, drawer faces, panels and moldings is 1/8”.  Reveals at top of drawers and doors in base units is ¼”.  Reveals at top of tall or wall units is 1/8”.

Valances if optioned
-          Standard: Light valances are 1-1/2”,set flush with the cabinet front.  All doors extend to the bottom of the light valance. 

Upper Cabinet Bottoms
-          Standard:  all exposed edges on the upper cabinet bottoms are edge banded with .5mm pvc for a flush, monochrome appearance

Cabinet Sides
-          Standard:  APPLIED FINISHED END PANELS (AFEP)-Applied end panels match exposed cabinet finish. Standard wall scribe is ¾”, standard floor scribe is 1 ½” unless otherwise noted or specified.  Top reveal on all applied finish panels is 0”.  All applied end panels (AFEP and ADP) stop at the top of the toe. Optional end panels extend to the floor, notches are optional.
–           Option: APPLIED DOOR PANELS (ADP) – Applied door panels match exposed cabinet finish. Standard wall scribe is ¾”, standard floor scribe is 1 ½” unless otherwise noted or specified. Reveals match adjacent doors/drawer fronts.  Top reveal on upper and tall applied doors is 1/8”, top reveal on base is applied doors is ¼”. 
–          Option:  INTEGRAL FINISHED ENDS – ends finished in veneer to match exposed surfaces per plans or specifications