It’s trendy to be green, but we aren’t generally the type to just follow the crowd; we pursue sustainability because it makes sense, for the health of our employees, our customers and our planet. We’re not fans of things like added formaldehyde, Hazardous Air Pollutants and shipping products back and forth across the globe. That’s why all of our products are made with a tendency toward regionally sourced, highest quality, longest lasting materials incorporated in the most carbon-footprint conscious way possible– now there’s a convenient truth.


Mom always said make the most of what you’ve got, so we’ve taken that to heart. In the old way of doing things, efficiency was gained by creating cases in modules. That made it easy on the factory but put a cramp in the designer’s style. At Abodian, we gain flexibility and efficiency by optimizing the use of our materials; we end up with usable parts and some sawdust, with very little of the good stuff going the way of the dumpster.

Long lasting quality materials and construction method

We are firm believers in the principle of built-to-last;  that using quality materials and durable construction methods results in products that are more sustainable in the long-term. Investing today in something that won’t be thrown out tomorrow reduces the impact of what we leave behind. Less stuff, better stuff.  Our time-honored mortise and tenon method hybridized with dowel and comfirmat construction ensures a level of durability that will be hard to beat.  So when you put that granite slab on top of our cabinets, you can rest assured it won’t all come tumbling down.

Regionally sourced materials

Sourcing our materials locally helps us (and you) in more ways than one. Just like we don’t like buying our tomatoes from New Zealand, we think it makes sense to use the resources at hand. This shrinks our carbon footprint, and helps us to funnel money and business into local enterprises and communities, supporting the people that help to support us.

Waste minimalization

Reduce, re-use, recyle: it’s not just an elementary school campaign. Fall-off, production waste, unusable wood pieces, paper, cardboard: they all get repurposed.  Although our office processes and production methods are extremely efficient, we still seek ways to put less in the dumpster.

Low VOC water borne finishes and dyes

Low what? Whenever possible, Abodian uses water borne finishes and dyes that contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS) and extremely low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Trust us, those aren’t things you want to be breathing or to have floating around the atmosphere. We’ve perfected our processes and done the legwork to find products that give a beautiful finish without the economic or ecological cost of harsh chemicals.

Abodian Paper Reduction Act

Businesses like ours can consume a huge amount of paper.  It’s costly, wasteful, unnecessary and you run the risk of getting a nasty little cut.  Because we really like trees, a large (and growing) percentage of our communications are done electronically.  Shop drawings, work orders, production sheets, invoices…even documents requiring signatures are produced and transferred without ever clicking PRINT.