Abodian Value Proposition: Four Cornerstones

While our value proposition is vast, we think it boils down to four key facets. And because custom by definition means something different to everyone, your project might weigh more heavily on certain legs of the table than others. Establish your priorities from the four key values and we’ll engineer a solution that meets the needs you want and doesn’t make you deal with those you don’t. Here they are in a nutshell (or a quadrangle, as it were).

01 Functionality

You need something that works, that serves a purpose, that helps you to maximize the usability of a given space. This is furniture that you live with, interact with, cook with, clean with, organize your clothes and get dressed with. It needs to make your life easier, and we get that.


02 Ergonomics

Maximizing the usability of your space is about thoughtful design that merges form and function. Clever engineering, unique solutions and attention to detail make Abodian’s designs user-friendly (and sometimes even fun). For better visual and physical access to your stuff, clever drawers in corners or under counter level replace traditional doors and shelves. Pull-outs are, well, out, except in pantries. Lighted cabinet interiors are in. Simple yet ingenious lift mechanisms raise your upper cabinet doors, keeping them out of the way so you can have more than one open at a time and reduce the risk of corner-forehead impact.  This is furniture with a functional requirement. If it’s hard to use, if you have to open a lot of doors, or bend over, or reach too far, or stack things on top of other things, it’s not doing its job.


03 Aesthetics

While functionality may reign supreme, we’re artists at heart, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure practicality comes in the prettiest package possible. Whether your taste is more country home or downtown loft, more studio or more suburb, more rustic or more regal, our goal is to make cool stuff that looks good. Real good.

04 Budget

Your pocketbook might not be as big as your imagination, but at Abodian, that’s okay. We’re committed to designing reasonably priced solutions, and since our pricing is purely a function of design work and the materials you choose, there’s something here for everyone. Custom doesn’t have to mean costly, and affordable doesn’t have to mean ordinary.